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95 E320 Wagon Erratic running

I have a 95 E320 Wagon with 122,000 miles. recently and intermittently it has started cutting out at 1500 rpm. this will only happen 1 time out of say 50 starts. what happens is as i accelerate, when the tach reaches 1500 rpm , the engine appears to cut out and then comes back at approx 900-1000 rpm. Even if I stop the car and push the accelerator it will not cross the 1500 rpm barrier. when I stop and restart the car sometimes it will repeat the same problem until after a few more tries it runs normal again. other times it will immediately run normal. seems to me that something has an occasional short somewhere which is causing this. As I said befor this may happen once a week or once a month. very frustrating. Anyone got any ideas or previous experience.
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