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Warning; High on the dipstick was 3 litres!!!

In the future I think I will use my good old BMW-garage...
Not only that the MB-guys canīt help me to sort out the problem causing my car go into limp mode on hot days. I have seen the dipstick showing a little high and was waiting to burn away some oil so it got down to normal.
A little impressed by my own driving, none of my cars has ever been consuming oil between services, I also got a little worried.
Bought a pump and started to pump out oil, checked, pumped, checked, pumped and finally had about three litres in the bucket!
The garage must have filled new oil without draining the old or what??
Unfortunately the limp problem persists, but I am glad no other problems has developed due to the high far as I know anyway.
My warning is; Be aware that a little high level can be a lot!! The dipstick is not telling you more than it is high, not really how high as they used to on older cars. (It wasnīt beyond the red plastic part).
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