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Sure I have had the same..., read my thread; Third summer in limp mode.

I have still no clue what is causing it, can be many things, mainly electric as I understand it or possibly vacuum leaks?

The "limp home mode" as it is called is to protect the engine from damage by cutting the revs at 1.500, thus also protecting you from getting totally stranded.

Read also JCWELLS thread on throttle actuator, giving the same problem.

The wiring harness is the no 1 suspect in our model years, but I have checked mine for any faults without finding any. Should be that the plastic insulation deteriorates since it was made by an environmentally friendly composition. It is not known however if this was the case on all markets.

So, my only hope is that me, you and jcwells soon will find out the cause and post it here for us and others to benefit!

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