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1. Transmission intermittently fails to upshift when turning from stops/accelerating into traffic. The dealership in Austin serviced the fluid level to maximum, but could not find fault with the tranny. -It happened again. I am very concerned MB Dealership will waste time, not fix it, and this might cause a serious accident.
(I bought MB because she was once in a roll-over and I want her to be safe) -- Any ideas?

**Make sure your other foot not touching the brake pedal at all once you accelerate. Took me a while to get used to not "two footing" from a stop. Any application of the brake pedal will kill the throttle. Had a few interesting launches into traffic until I learned that.

2. Air Conditioning System "stops & hunts" often. It will just shut off, and start up in wrong mode, hunt, then come back to normal. It is very annoying. MB says "nothing wrong" with the system.

**Sounds like defective control. Make them replace it...

3. Repeated messages for "tail light bulb inop" when it is working normally. -MB needs to fix this with a software modification. Will they?

**I had that one too. I think they fixed mine with a download.

4. Remote entry inop -MB replaced transceiver. Fixed problem.

**Mine was weird too. They just repalced the seat control module. Now the easy entry/exit feature doesn't work. Back for another try...

5. Front turn signal failed. MB replaced wiring harness. -Seems to be fixed.

**MB has a very good warranty. Sometimes you need to make a little noise to be heard. I'm not saying be nasty. That has the opposite effect. Also, try another dealer....
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