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Thanks to all for your interest. I would like to add That I have had the tires balanced on the Hunter 9700 by the Hunter Rep. ( a long story that I won't go into here). All four tires checked out perfectly. I usually run 32lb front and 34 rear pressure. This car has standard suspension and compared to the my 1980 280se it is much more difficult to drive in cross winds
It has been suggested in other posts that I check steering adjustment since if it was adjusted to tight it would cause the same symptoms. Since I can tell that the steering box has been R and R'd prior to me purchasing the car and there is some play in the box I am suspecting that this could be the problem. I can make an adjustment from below but it would be by feel. I plan to make a small adjustment and wait for a windy day.
Since I have been considering replacement of the steering box anyway I would ask for recommendations from the group on experience with rebuilt box's and the best suppliers. Price's on E-bay range from $265 to $400 for rebuilt's. Also, I have never done this job, is there a pictoral anywhere and/or any suggestions on the procedure. Also, are there any other parts that should be repalaced along with the box.
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