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Rear toe link is the only adjustment.

IF you're running too much negative camber then you've got worn parts.

The factory manual uses special tools. The readings are in mm but they happen to correspond to the Beissbarth alignment rack at my dealer. My right height is right at the recommended values +/- 1 mm according to their machine. I measure 15-5/8" from the center of the star on my wheel to the fender lip.

I'm not aware of a way to adjust out camber with toe. Replacing the camber link, spings, and/or spring pads come to mind.

Thrust angle depending on how bad it is off will create drivability problems. If you don't notice your car going going crooked or jerking left or right going over rail road tracks and things like that, I don't think I'd worry about it.

After I replaced my rear subframe mounts and links, my car would do all of the things above. The alignment guy said rear track was "off the charts" (and his chart goes up 3") and the toe-in was way out. HE didn't know how I made it to his shop (180 miles away). The rear tires suffered tremendous tire wear.
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