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yes, of course, the 560's have the hydraulic compensated rear suspension. I think it was standard equipment.
Yes Albert, I think the 560 was the only one of the 126's to be treated to the rear leveling, and I wasn't sure about the coupe. I test drove a 560 when I purchased my 420 and felt a boat like float to the rear of the car at highway speeds. I can see how that would give the 560 a greater chance for a negative experience when pushed from the side by a gust.
I find it hard to understand how the Mercedes service organization could try to explain away a drivability problem as common as cross wind gusts.
Given all this, my 120,000 mile 1986 420 SEL drives well at speed (75 to 85 mph) with gusting and therefore would suggest that my car is fine and any 420 that sways is not fine. Good tires, alignment, steering linkage, steering gear box and a service department interested in helping you make your car satisfactory should all be present. Barry
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