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Disappearing Tranny Fluid, Mysterious Smoke

Hello all,
I was hoping for a little guidance. I have an '88 190E AT with about 200k. A funny thing is happening to me. The tranny started slipping a few months ago. I checked the tranny fluid level and it was low so I put some fluid in. 2 days go by and it's slipping again. More fluid. To make a long story short, I am probably going through a quart every 200 miles or so. The odd thing is that there is not a single drop of tranny fluid under the car. I am stumped. Another odd thing that started around the same time is that when the car sits at idle for any period of time, upon acceleration, smoke pours out the exhaust. Hmmmm. Is there any possibility that the AT Modulator Valve is bad and allowing the tranny fluid into the engine?? I really can't think of anything else. Thanks in advance for your helpful responses.

1988 190E 2.3 (178,000)
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