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Alright I'm going to try to go through each of these as best as I can...

Tire tread depths .... they are similiar on each axel?
All 4 tires have under 700 miles on them, got them with the new wheels

Brake pads: Have you specifically had the pads checked for unusual rapid wear compared to the rest of the brake pads? I am thinking the right-rear brake caliper/pad problem.
have not specifically asked for the pads to be checked, they were replaced after the accident. Anythings a possibility at this point. The only thing is, to check for a break problem, I don't know if this does it. But with the pulling, if its pulling, and i hit the break, it does not pull harder. I don't want to say it stops pulling when I hit the breaks, but, it lessens. I could be wrong though, I havn't gotten to drive it for a month because its been in the shops. I will take it out again today and give you a for sure what happens when I hit the brakes.

Were all those alignments done on modern electronic alignment racks with the mirrors attached to all four wheels?
In the most recent shop it was at, it was done on a new alignment rack.

Are any of the wheel sensors (ABS) damaged? When you turn on your ignition switch, do all the lights illuminate? (Prior to starting the engine). It is an old and pathetic trick to disconnect a dash bulb after not being able to repair the reason for the light being illuminated.
Just ran downstairs to check, all of the lights come on.

I suspect there are also other odd things happening as well since the accident. Are there other items you have not mentioned?
There really aren't any more problems other than a leaking front seal on the tranny. It had a bunch of other problems like engine mounts and subframe. But a lot was replaced. The only remaining problems is the tranny leak and a squeeking coming from my left front side. The only thing is this problem just started from getting it back from the shop two days ago. I had the car for 2 weeks before it went up to that shop and it never squeeked. It sounds like rubber is hitting metal or metal is scraping, like something loose. I don't think it's related to the pull, as it didn't do it for the 6 months while it was pulling, and just came up now. If anyone has any suggestions on that one It's squeeking around the front left fender area. It's not a break squeel, it doesn't do it when i hit the brakes, it does it when i hit a bump. It's a quick, 1/4 second, loud squeek.

You mention the suspension components were replaced, does that include the bushings?
Here is what I have on my repairs/replacement sheet as far as suspension:
Mount/Bushing to Sub frame Sleves
LT Knuckle
LT Thrust arm
LT Front arm, strut upper (is this the whole front left strut?)
LT Control arm
LT Tie rod assy
LT Camber kit hardware kit
LT Lower cover
LT Control arm bushing kit
LT Lateral rod hardware kit
LT Thrust arm hardware kit
LT Lateral rod
LT Link to control arm
LT Torsion bar bracket
LT Outer boot
CV Clamp
Flange Gasket
O/H frt susp lt
LT suspensions assy for Wheelho...
LT Knuckle 500E
LT Lower cntrl arm 500E
Lt Steering arm 500E
Lt Joint cam bolt screw
Check and Measure Rear Suspension
LT Tie rod assy (again?)

and since this insurance supplement report, I was told the right side strut was replaced, I'm going to get a new supplement faxed to me...but that's everything on the report that I saw that deals with suspension.

I will also try isolating the problem by switching the tire pressure from front to back one at a time.

You guys don't know how much I appreciate this, thanks.
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