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water in rear floorpan of `123 wagon... help!!

Did a search on this topic but still can't find the culprit. From what I've noticed, water comes from right under the driver seat from the plastic cover that holds the bundle of wires and vacuum hoses and runs into the rear floorpan. I've checked all drainages from the hinges to the underside battery area and they were clear (as it became a habit of clearing them out at least once a week). The windshield seal seems alright, sunroof drains are clear, no rust on either hinge or battery side. Since its a wagon, it can't be from the rear windshied seal, just the same, everything behind the rear seats are totally dry including both wheel well compartments (spare tire and tools). Can't be an A/C evap leak since it floods only when it rains.
Any suggestion as where to look for the leak source???
If it comes from the wiring and vacuum hoses under the seats, what are the possible entry points of water from the outside? Does the sunroof drains lead to it?
Thanks in advace for the help.
- Tippee
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