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Hedpe, in reading your posts, I'm starting to get the uncomfortable feeling that you've been ripped off by some shops.

Over the years, and after some unfortunate experiences with dealers, etc., I've adopted the following policy: Nobody touches my car without me being there and watching.

I've had a few shops that wanted me to wait in the customer service area. I've said no. It's my car, and my life and the lives of my loved ones depend upon it's condition. I tell them I'd be happy to sign a waiver (insurance), if they'd like, and if that won't work, I'll go someplace else. Most relent, and I watch. When they don't relent, I walk out and breathe a sigh of relief. Bad experiences have led me to conclude that if they don't want me watching, they're either bad mechanics or are up to no good.

Now then, I'd go back to the four-wheel alignment suggestion. And while the car is on the hoist, and while you're watching, have the alignment guy check to make sure all of the parts that were supposed to be replaced were, in fact, replaced. And if some weren't, then that may indicate the problem area.

There is a logical explanation, so hang in there. You just have to connect with a smart and honest mechanic.
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