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were the same tires on the car before you had all that major body work done to your car ? this way atleast we can eliminate the possiblity of the tires being the factor.
more over i've had to go to 3 different dealers and about 4 other shops and alteast 2 visits each to finally have the alignment right on my 300E so it comes of no surprise that the shops probably haven't done their job right. find out a reputable private shop who does alignments. Even if that's not the case, just go back to the last place you got the alignment done and have them give you a print out of the alighnment with before/after readings. and post it here in the forum. I've seen the pros here give great advice after taking a peek at those readings.
I can tell from experience that bad alignment totally ruins the fun of driving and I can't stand having to pull the car back on track constantly. either the tires or the alignment. so worry not ! it's just a matter of which tech can get it done 'right'!
good luck !
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