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the 1994 - 200 Mercedes Benz C280 engine overheating problems

Iīm having problems in my shop concerning the 104 engine in the 1994-2000 MB C280. It keep leaking oil in thru the head gasket. I have used different brands of head gaskets like Goetze, Febi, Victor Reinz, all with the ref. # 104 010 3220, (you can check out the ref. # to see that itīs correct) but they keep letting oil leak when the engine gets hot. Itīs not a torque issue because the head gasket kit comes with the recomended torque measures. Also, I have to add that this is not an isolated incident, my other colleagues who are in the same business as I am, have the exact same trouble with this engine. We need technical help on this. I have two C280īs in my shop with the same problem right now, pls help.
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