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now that you mention that the tires were changed after the bodywork it leads me to rethink the scenerio. I've had michelins put on by sears once. they were the pilots. and right after i drove out of the shop with the new tires the car started to pull to the right like crazy. i knew it had to be the tires since it was just fine before i got them changed. sears wouldnt agree with me but i finally spoke to their manager and had them switch the brand to dunlop to test out the hypothesis. as soon as the dunlops were put on the car was going strraight again. during the arguments, they tried to rotate and move the michelins every possible way but nothing changed the pull to the right.
so at the end i would really suggest trying to put two different tires atleast in the front. could be temporarily . could be worn/old. but that will eliminate the cause and then would give u a better understanding of whether it's the alignment or the tires.
at instances i've had the dealer rotate the tires in the past and the car started pulling. so now i've asked them to leave the tires where the are. i guess it's the terrible quality control of the tire manufacturers these days that leads to situations like these for customers. !
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