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Thanks for the info there Dave. I'm hoping that all I need is the mixture screw not the whole A/F ass'y. I haven't gotten around to work on my car lately. I will go to the dealer to get me a mixture screw tomorrow.

Tinker, I did not do a compression test before the timing chain replacement. After timing chain replaced, the engine ran but I heard some tickings noise that I didn't like. I then opened up the valve cover and checked the cam shafts position against the crank shaft and this was how I found out that the intake cam shaft was off by a gear tooth. I corrected the intake cam shaft, took it for a test drive, she ran beautifully except for the idle, it stalled out at idle all the time. This was when I decided to mess with the mixture screw, I screwd it up royally, it can't even start it up, I also did broke something in there, I can no longer have any resistance when I move the screw.

Have you ever replaced this mixture screw? do I have to take the whole A/F off or I can just replace it by itself?

I did do a compression test and here is the order 1= 160psi; 2=110psi; 3=165psi; 4=165psi.

Cylinder number 2 is low but for a 200k miles maybe this is expected?

I don't expected to take the head out soon, I just want to get this car start and hold idle, I'm the middle of moving so the car's priority gets low right now.

Thank you for any help.
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