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If you dont drive a benz hard it will die, thats why if you buy a benz that gets babied all the time, it leaks. The kick down is for clearing out the cobwebs.

I floor my car all the time, otherwise it wouldnt go anywhere. Look how many miles my car has below.

My friend in Germany has a w124 diesel and he changes the brake pads every 6000 miles....

Dealer maintained cars are always worth more money. Keep good doumentation. I have a log book and I enter my miles and mpg, and cost of fuel and where I fill up every time, it is made by at a glance. People like to see those when you sell the car too.

Best of luck man, Im 20, but Ive been around cars since I was 3. Drive a German car, let an american car sit, thats how they last.
No Benzes in the stable at the moment, but itching for one again.

Former Mercedes in the Stable:
1983 300CD Turbo diesel 515k mi sold
1984 300CD Turbo Diesel 150 k mi sold
1982 300D Turbo Diesel 225 sold
1987 300D Turbo Diesel 255k mi sold
1988 300 CE AMG Hammer 15k mi sold
1986 300E Amg Hammer 88k mi sold
1992 500E 156k mi sold
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