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My dad's 94 sl 600 has similar issues, but when he took it to the dealer, they tested it and couldn't find any problems, but we know there is one as if he lockes the car the trunk wont lock unless he uses the key, and if he unlocks the car without unlocking the trunk with the key as well it will go off. Dealer checked it twice and found no problems but it just doesn't work right.

He's taking it back to them yet again to have it checked again. I told him it seems like the trunk lock has a vaccum leak, as it doesnt lock witht he rest of the car, but the dealer says its fine..

Seems strange, definately a sign of car mechanic syndrome. ya know something is wrong, but the mechanic can't find anything worng, but the moment ya leave it starts showing the problem. and when ya take it back it works as it should... hehe


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