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Mornin' EJ,
No I have no PC with a scanner, my Zoo, which is what it is with 4 kids and 2 dogs in it, has AC.

The problem is getting really wierd, I set the idle and it is doing the hesitation cold and hot now, but I may have gotten a clue yesterday, which by the way, it acts just like an engine with water in the gas, but anyway, I gassed up yesterday and it started doing it worse ( again) but then I realized that it seems to have all started when I got gas at a certain station at pump #5, so I am thinking that the tank that serves this pump may have contaminants in it? I am going to put some heat in the Trooper tank this PM and see what it does.

My e-mail is

I sure appreciate all the help. And hey, I need new front tires for the 300E, do you have any input as to what are good, quiet tires reasonably priced?

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