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I would not risk it with the leak-stop.
Imagine if you ruin other components in the process, like clogging the condensor, or frying the compressor.
You could be out even bigger money.

Evap replacement is always a big job.
I did one last month (not on an MB), and it took me 2 long days on the driveway.
4k sounds high for a professional though. I had heard that 'book' time is in the 14 hour range for some MB models.
Too bad these things cannot be designed to pull out through the firewall (or simply last forever)!

Seems that r-134a systems are way more prone to evap failure than r-12 systems ever were. Not just an MB phenomenon. I hope the manufacturers are 'learning' something from this, and designing better evaporators. Maybe some of the recall-related costs will 'convince' them. Seems that they are good enough to outlive the warranty in most cases, however.

Best of luck.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.

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