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Well from what I understand if you buy an 86-91? 300e with the m103 engine to check to see if it has had the valve seals done... and proper maintenance.

If its the 90-95 M104 based engine, you want to check to see if the head gasket is leaking. and if the wiring harness has become brittle.

Try searching the forums for M103 Problems or M104 Problems you should find some information. you might just want to searcj for valve seals and head gasket too to find the messages. and definately search for buying 300e. that should help in your search for topics on the subject of the 300e's.

I bought a 1992 300CE, with 77.2 k miles on it. it drives great, and I got it for a good price. The car is in great shape, and hasnt had the problems others have, but with age any car, any engine, will have some problems, but these can be fixed and wont be too expensive.

I have seen many 300e's for below 10k, which all looked like excellent buys. my personal taste is the coupe, but the sedan is a wonderful car.

My car is the m104 3.0 litre engine, and the head has a small minuscule leak, but the car doesnt use any oil so far, so I have seen though I've only had the car for 6 weeks.

but from my understanding the va;ve seals in the older 300e's is the main issue that happens, and the head gasket and wiring harness on the m104.

Wait for a pro like Steve or benzmac, or the others to tell you the proper information. I myself am not a mercedes technician, I'm just realying what I think I remember reading.


Definately do reasearch to find out which is the right car for you. You really can't go wrong with a benz though they are all wonderful in my opinion.

my brother used to have a 76 911s 2.7, great car, but definately not a commuter. Hella fun though at 135 mph and on slick winding roads. can we say tail happy but way fun? hehe we took it up on a road that had been torn out and was slightly muddy, thing raced through there like a champ, and we were rally driving it powersliding every turn. that was very fun. Car needed a good washing though after that hehe.

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