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190e 2.3 Problems - Tachometer and Performance

I am having problems with the tachometer on my 1988 190e. It hasn't worked properly since I bought the car almost two years ago, but now it sometimes is working (still inaccurate) and other times it is dead (no reading). Also, the outside temp. gauge has stopped working as well. Any thoughts on were to start in trying to fix the problem?

Another problem I am having is that when the A/C is working the performance does't drop off by just a litte, it drops off a lot and usually has to kick down to 1st gear just to get off the line. It seems to me that maybe I have an electrical problem. I had a guy test the spark plug wires and they seemed okay, but the #2 cylinder spike on the testing equipment was significantly shorter than the other cylinders.

If any one has some suggestions on were to begin looking into these two problems would be much appreciated.


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