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Yes I found chocolate milk in my engine last night as I pulled the drain plug for the first time and removed the chocolate filter.

After letting it sit all night with the plug out, the engine is clean, and fresh oil and filter just went in.

I'm about to fire my baby up and take her for a drive then check the oil level after he refil.

Thanks to Larry's Advise, The overnight drain seems to have gotten rid of most of the sludge.

And I did Drain it hot after having driven for a couple of hours last night to get a tool to take off the oil filter as I did not have the right size oil filter tool. I had to mickey mouse the take off of the filter with some vise grips and a cloth, but promptly drove to the parts shop today to pick up a proper wrench for the refitting of the filter.

In anycase, Thanks for the Advise ALrry, I can't wait to see how my baby purrs with her new blood.

Glad to hear you baby is running. Its been sitting a while, so I suspect smoke is going to be there until it burns away.

In anycase, like JCE said, I wish I had more knowledge about the engine so I could tackle big projects like you.

Unless ya have the tools, that first oil change can get expensive... ahh if only my craftsman tool set hadn't been stolen I wouldn't have had to buy a new tool set, which upped my cost a bit, but well worth it for the well being of my car, plus I can now keep a full tool set in the trunk along with extra oil and filter, just in case I hit that 3k mark while on the road. hehehe. pull over, drain it, change it, and keep on driving. ehehehe

Good luck with your baby coming back to its normal self.

Now when ya gonna post some pics of all your babies for us to see?


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