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Well it lives, but it seems to have lost lung capacity.

The car seemed to not have the power that I remembered. I didn't know if I'm just spoiled by the power of my new car, or if the power has just trailed off. I used a stop watch this morning, and it took almost 13 seconds to reach 60MPH. I had to use a stop watch because my dynamometer is broken<g>.

I have looked carefully to see if there is something that I left disconnected during the valve job. I can't find anything wrong.

I used the old plugs temporarily, but I don't believe that they would account for this much power loss. I think that maybe the injection system needs some adjustment.

I changed the oil last night and found some metal particles on my magnetic drain plug. This was in only about 200 miles. I guess this is because of the rust in the cylinders etc. I plan on changing the oil in about 1,000 miles and then go onto my regular 3,333 mile interval. I hope I don't find any more metal particles on the magnet.

Thanks for all your responses,

Larry Bible
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