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coding/programming ME f/98 SL500 ???

The ME controller in my '98 SL500 has been diagnosed as not communicating with a shut-off valve (the car seems to run fine, but the MIL is lit, and comes back on if cleared).

I have obtained a used ME (same part number: 021 545 24 32) from a '99 CL500.

My MB dealer tells me thier software has been "upgraded" and it prevents them from clearing the existing VIN programming in an ME unit - and that they now have to order the MEs from MBUSA and they arrive pre-programmed to the VIN they order.

My independent shop uses the SNAP-ON scanning system to read and program MEs... and they are willing to try to download the info from my old ME and upload it to the new one - but can't be sure of the results.

Anyone have any advise that I can pass on to them about "unlocking" the 'new/used' ME so that it can be fully programmed for my existing VIN?


- michael
'98 SL500
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