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I've wondered for a while when owners of 1999 and older W210's would start asking about upgrading the look to 2000+ models.

There have been well over a hundred threads from owners of 1986-1989 W124's asking about upgrading to the bumpers / lower body cladding of 1990-1995 W124's. You also see tons of posts on 1986-1993 W124 owners wanting to do the hood / grill conversion to look like 1994-1995 W124's.

I wonder if the conversion would work. Most owners don't realize that the hood is a little lower on 2000-2002 E classes. I don't know if this affects the way it transitions to the bumper.

To complete the conversion, you'd also have to change the door handles and add the lower body cladding beneath the doors. On 1996-1999 E classes, there is no body cladding and is simply painted black.
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