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This is an Emergency! Desperate Call for HEELLLPP!

Please dear God in heaven I need help!

I am having problems with my 560 SL. (See previous Posts).

Right now, after all my problems, I 've been without the car for over a month.

The last guy screwed it up so bad I'm really in a bind. The guy I took it to Monday has not even had time to look at it!

Is there ANYONE out there in Maryland, D.C., Virginia who can fix my car!

I don't just need advice I need someone who has tools and knows a 560SL and who will take the time to analyze my problem and fix my car.

Tomorrow AM. If the guy has not started on my car I am picking it up and driving to Atlanta and leaving it with Donnie. That seems to be the only way I can get it fixed!

I'm in Baltimore Md. so you know how desperate I am!

Someone on this Board, Please, Please help me!
1988 560SL
Black Pearl/Palamino
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