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If the caster (backward tilt of front steering axis) is off on one side, it will pull. Everything else can be fine, and it will still pull.

I don't know how adjustable it is (probably a combination of caster/camber), but it must be correct.

If the upper mounting point is displaced, it will be hard to get right.

ditto for stagger in the front wheels (one farther forward than the other) -- if this is the case, the toe will measure correct, but in fact won' be right -- one side will be in further than the other when the car is pointed straight ahead. Can be corrected by altering the toe so that the total is correct, but the two sides differ to run straight. I don't know what effect this will have on the tires, but if it is pulling now, one front is going to show signs of incorrect toe and not the other.

This can also be the case on the rear subframe if the floorpan is distorted.

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