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I took a look at your aligment figures and compared them to mine. Note my car was balanced with a 180Lb weight placed in the drivers seat at the time of aligment so there may be slight difference.

In the front your Camber figures are pretty close to mine, mine are actually -1.08L and -.94R. My front caster is 10.93L and 10.97R. The toe is totally different than yours, mine are 1.2L and 1.2R.

In the back my camber is -1.98 and -1.76 although I don't think camber has much of an affect with the problems your having. The toe in the rear is much different as well with 2.4R and 2.4L.

I would imagine that having different left/right toe figures would definitely cause pulling in one direction, can anyone else confirm this. Anyways I hope this helps.

02 C32 AMG

92 500E
84 190E 2.3 5 Spd
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