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Well, you guys are a righteous bunch, Eddie did not ask for a lesson or scolding here. I am sure he is an adult and can make his own decisions for himself and for his loved ones however different they may be from someone else's.
With that in mind and for educational purposes only if I were to disconnect my airbag on my Benz (this is not to suggest that anyone should do this where it is prohibited by law, which by the way it is not in Canada so if you live here you can do with your SRS system as you wish, check with Transport Canada if you have doubts) I would just simply remove the airbag, unhook the electrical connectors at the back (put some electric tape around the wires) and then put the airbag back.
However since I do not have the electrical diagram for those vehicles (nor am I a licensed MB technician :-)),I am not sure how the computer systems are interconnected and more importantly how the airbags are interconnected so this may cause some unexpected results. I believe the SRS system on those vehicles are rather advanced (no airbag activation if there is no one sitting in the seats or if the seatbelts are not buckled-up or the airbag comes out with less force if the passenger's weight is under a certain threshold) so tempering with the system may not be wise.
On the other hand we drove most of the last century without airbags so I do not believe that they are God's gift to mankind and are untouchable. They are very useful for the average driver with average driving skills but it rather saddens me that we have to dumb down everything for the lowest common denominator (i.e. for aunt Mary or citizen John Doe), see speed limits in North-America, the mindless numbers of stop signs placed in intersections, etc. This opinion may cause a flare up in some people's anal area but so be it, what is life without some well constructed arguments :-)?

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