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The type of machine shoudln't matter if its calibrated. The car will pull towards the side of lower castor, typically 0.25-0.50 degrees. HUNDRETHS of a degree are not significant. 10.93 and 10.95 will not make a signifcant change in your handling or pull.

If the frame floor is damaged where the spring perches or subframe mounts go you will have issues of some sort. Two simple measurements you can make:

Measure from center of star on wheel to underside of fender lip on all four corners.

Measure the distance from the center of the wheels front and rear on each side (wheel base). See if they are the same on left and right sides.

Also, Benz300's point about the tires may be the problem even rotating them around. I bought 4 Michelin MXV4+ premium tires and things dont' feel right with two of them. Try different tires. RIMS may also cause pulling if they are bent.


(edited to correct typo about castor)
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