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I'm not sure I understand these alignment measurements...I'm far from an expert on this stuff. I don't know how much of a difference a tenth of a number makes. Maybe some techies can help us out on this one...

how can our toes be so different?

i don't understand how i can have a reading of .1 and .09 on toe and you have like 2.4, anyone have insight on this?

md27, good thinking on those measurements, i'll post them first thing tomorrow morning also. I'm curious to see if they'll match up. Measuring from front to rear will also tell me if one wheel is more forward than the other as other guys were mentioning.

As for the subframe mounts, i'm gonna have to call the guy who put on the subframe and have them checked out.

As for the tires, the first dealership that busted my brakes and my wheels up and my quarter panel, well, they SAID they tried taking stock wheels from another 500E and putting them on and they said it still pulled. But i find it hard to believe a word they say. I'll look in to putting different tires on, maybe i can swap my buddies from his VW, he's got dunlop 225/50/17 (i think) on them. We'll see.

All of this is helping a lot guys, it's actually giving me a sigh of hope thats left finding this problem. Thanks again
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