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I recently found a nice Rosewood gear shift for my 500SEL in a junkyard and changed it in about an hour. What I did first was to ' borrow ' a new one just in case I damaged the old one as I too was not sure if the head came off the shaft. It does not. I found the head on the original leather one was bonded to the sahft and the only way to completely separate it was to remove it with a sharp hobby knife. This would leave the shaft in place but with no head allowing you to fit an after market head only, this was not what I wanted to do here though. When you have removed the wood trim, you will need to slacken off the locknut at the base of the shaft and this is best done with a 15 mm crow's foot spanner as there is not really enough room to squeeze in an open ended spanner ( read wrench ) Mine cost me only a few pennies and the effort was well worth it, now it's nice and smooooootthh !
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