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Sup Everyone

Thanks for the replys. As far as grandma like driving behavior goes, I've seen some that go really slow and I never drive like that, I go w the traffic or usually a lil faster but I just never take off quick or keep gasing it when my common sense tells me that lights guna turn orange/red soon or if it's already one of those two. The reason why I started this thread is that my dad works pretty hard to be able to have what he has, and we're talking about an apartment with a family of 5 total and that 1999 E320, but that's probably not much in most of your eyes cuz either you don't have 5 heads in the family where you're the only person that really has an "occupation" etc etc OR you might be in a family of 5 or more but there's at least 2 people wich have an above average paying job, or an ocupation.

Regular maintanace, okay here's where it's kinda hard, a simple thing like the filter used for the air that comes into the cabin from outside, the filters that are located behind the dash...I remember every 50K miles you should change those, cept the charcoil....Not too complicated to do, doesn't cost much, and heck it's summer so why not since now is when you're using the AC. My dad doesn't even wana do that, in his mind, oil changes and other VERY basic things like tires and brakes along w calm driving habits will insure a long life from your car...I duno, maybe you guys can point me out to a site or PDF or online thing MB has that will tell me what to do for my 99 E320 as far as maintanance and tips go.

Thanks again, you guys rock.
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