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Angry Motor Mounts 1988 560sel

I saw the engine lift about 3 to 5 inches in rev. The pass. motor mount is gone. I will replace them both. The car shakes a lot in park and during idle. Hard shifting from Part to Drive or R is also a problem.

1. Do I also replace the trans mount?

2. I have an exhaust leak. I smell exhaust after driving a while. I comes into the cabin without having the blower on. Has anyone had this problem? I have tried to find the leak with a hose and with my fingers. No luck. With all the movement, the exhaust system was put under a lot of stress.

3. Are there other items worthy of replacement while I am down there?

4. Are there any rec. on exhaust points to look at for support that could have been damaged with the movement.

Thank you

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