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Thanks for the replies!!!

Well... My dad is an A/C tech....owns his own business. He does A/C for homes and businesses, not cars. After talking with him just recently, he strongly advised against me using this stuff. He would rather just bring the car to have the evap changed than to have the whole A/C system changed because of using this. The leak is kinda big. It used to take 3 weeks for the refrigerant to escape, but now it takes 1 day.

We checked all the exterior portions of the system hoping that it was something outside, easily accessible, rather than inside (behind the dash) leaks. I posted a while back about this. Many responded that the W202 evap was NOT likely the culprit. But... I guess my luck ran out!!!

I found someone who'd do this for about 1.5k-1.8k. I think I'll be bringing the car in next week or so. I'd do it myself... but dont have the tools or the instructions to remove the dash. anyone have those? I've been using the search to find that and came up unsuccessful.

anyway, thankss!!!

'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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