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I do floor it almost once a week, but...

Are you serious about the flooring the car once a week part? I do floor it once in a while on the freeway, not for taking off, hell no. Anyways, if you weren't being sarcastic or whatevers, then what the hell would cause you to say floor it once a week, then right after, say that fluids are very important in MB? Heh, but for sure man, I floor it prolly once or twice a month, you know. Good or not, I like seeing the engine get to the starting of the red line, that's when I ease off the pedal a little.


Originally posted by omegabenz

You can buy the service booklet <50 dollars

you can buy two CDs that tell you how to fix just about everything on your car <150 dollars

Floor it at least once a week. Fluids in a benz are so important. And DONT OVERHEAT the car, that kills mercedes.
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