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Hello, this is my first post in this forum. Still getting used to all the models being in the same forum.

We have ordered a 2001 C240 Sport 6 speed, with a bunch of options (I won't list them to save space) including xenon headlights.

I wanted to know what high beam, parking lights (city lights), and foglight bulbs the car uses.

I figure that the foglight bubls are H3. Correct?

The parking lights are normal wedge bulbs, but which part number? Are they the 5's or 6's?

The high beams are either H1 or H7? I don't know.

I am also trying to find bulbs to complement the xenon lights. I was considering the Philips Blue Vision bulbs for everything but the fogs. Philips All-weather bulbs for the fogs.

I live in Canada so the DOT approval doesn't really apply, only that they are ECE approved.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Dan, 2001 Merc C240 Sport 6 speed
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