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On the speedometer, it is really the odometer. Niether odometer is working. It was slipping before so I gook it apart and tightened the pot metal drive wheel on the odometer. The speedometer needle seems to be working, so it is somewhere in the drive mechanism for the odometers. I need to take it apart one more time, just to make sure that I have not done something stupid, but I fear that there are some critical drive parts that are broken.

On the gauges, I have been having a grounding problem and a few of the ciruits were fried on the printed circuit board. So, I repaired the fries and completed the ground connections. The fuel gauge seems to be working OK, and of course the oil pressure gauge works, but the temp gauge is not working, it does not register at all, when I was having a ground problem, the gauge did bounce a little, but it does not register, it just sits at the bottom. Again, I want to take it apart one more time to check for the obvious things. All of the lights around the gauges seem to be working.

What other questions do you have?
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