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I do not own a Benz that does not have the factory original wheel bearings still in place. Yes, that includes my 240D at 533,000 miles.

If you do pack and adjust the bearings, go get the lubricant from Benz that looks like a translucent plastic fishing worm.

I have never heard a noise from a Benz front wheel bearing. The noises I've heard have always turned out to be tires.

I did allow the bearings to get loose on the 240D. It was handling funny and I could not properly set the toe. That one was embarassing.

To pack the bearings, remove the caliper and hang it from a piece of baling wire, for city people, I expect that a coat hanger would substitute for baling wire, even though it doesn't meet specification.

Then pull off the hub cap and loosen the allen lock bolt on the nut. Remove the nut and then the rotor with bearings in place.

If the bearings are so bad that they're noisy, you should be able to see something in the races. If not pack the bearings well after cleaning and put grease in the area between the races about level with the races.

Put everything back together and tighten the nut very tight to squeeze out the grease. Loosen the nut then tighten until it's just tight enough to take out the play. You can probably tighten the bearings tight and loosen about a sixth of a turn. You might check the Benz manual to see if there is a more precise procedure.

Good luck,

Larry Bible
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