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Whew! Thanks to you both for the quick response and the good news! I can live with buzzing for 40 sec/day. Good suggestion to try different wt oil; I'll try that. I've already done the harness (3 hrs on a Sat nite, $675 later, thanks Fastlane!) in a successful attempt to address a rich mixture / poor fuel economy situation. Went from 13/19 mpg up to 18/24 overnight, no smell of unburned fuel or sulfur anymore. Wires were cooked. Probably shortened the life of my catalytic somewhat, but all is good now. The OVP had been replaced already by looking at the part #. The rest I'm preparing my wife and our checkbook for, but I plan to do what I can myself to avoid the divorce costs. This car is maintained completely and treated very well. I hope to see another 100K minimum, unless I go broke first!
Thanks again!
1995 E320 wagon
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