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the saga continues! :(

Okay, finally the indy got the new (rebuilt) compressor installed along with rcvr/drier and TXV. Drove home after sitting in 100*+ sun and wasn't terribly least not as much as I remember it being.

Put thermometer in center vent next day and have not seen vent temps much below 60* and certainly no lower then 55* (this can occur when i leave fan on low so air stays in contact with evaporator longer but it is too hot to drive that way) with ambient of 90-105* and some humidity but certainly no more then 50%. Also, at stoplight, temps creep up to 70* and 55-70* is not gonna cool this beast in this ungodly heat!

So, search forums, find out about monovalve, check that and seems like it is stopping the hot water but past monovalve the hose is still warm but figure that's because of the ungodly heat

Haven't yet checked the little grill (mine appears to be by my sunroof switch?) to see if air is being drawn in to fan by glove box per LarryBible...can't find a cigarette!

also, looking at sight glass during idle, do see some "foamy" substance appear and i take it these are bubbles that shouldn't appear under load but do they at idle?

waiting for friend to check with gauges to check my pressures and i realize that is a big step to check but in the meantime wondering if anyone has any other suggestions??!!

thanks again for all your help! mike
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