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It Works!!!!!

Okay, so I bought a new coil (bosch) popped it in and voila she is back to her old self. I can not believe it. SO to recap what caused it (I think), what I did to it in the process of fixing it and what the actual fix was.

I originally washed the engine. 2 days later I took it into the shop to get emissions adjusted after I had replaced the injectors. The car ran great, the shop noted that my duty cycle was all screwed up and not reading correctly so they adjusted to exhaust gases. She still ran fine but, I was concerned about the duty cycle(lambda). A day after this my the car started to stall on acceleration; worse when cold but still stalled/stumbled when warm. I thought it was the fuel system due to the screwy readings so I disconnected the eha and the car was functional in that she did not stall anymore just stumbled occasionally. I am now convinced it is my fuel system. Took it to the shop they replaced the o2 sensor and OVP still nothing is right. I replaced the idle potentiometer still no help, I check the EHA after much fumbling around and am actually getting a good reading so. I am at a loss, I buy a used air sensor unit on ebay replace the rubber duct and throttle switch and cross my fingers still nothing. I decide what the hell replace the coil. Bingo stumble/stall is gone hard start is gone. I have learnt a lot after spend $350 on parts i did not need before spending the $125 on the part I did need. However, all my rubber is new on the engine and i won't need any new fuel parts anytime soon (I hope).

Anyway to those out there that helped thanks. A special thanks to steve for helping through the whole thing and teaching me how fuel injection works on my car and having the patience to explain everything to me. I hope this helps some one out there.
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