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just wanted to insert my .02$

i am a business owner that has had similar situations a few times but not for autos. custom machined products.

now from a customers position... the owner said himself to take the money(check). he has recognized that they were the problem. now not only is he giving back the monies but he's paid for all the parts and labor. so his total loss is greater than what is on the surface. however...everybody's time is valuable and he probably recognizes that fact. so he is fixing the problem completely. customer is happy that he has lost only time so he probably won't be so quick to shout about an bad or unfair shop.

now him getting a bad rep like that could cost a whole lot more than the 3200$ in the long run.

what i would do is to have asked "are you sure about that" and when he replied yes case closed. both parties saved face. now each can turn and go with clear conscious that the exchange was fair for both.

now the moral is 2 lessons learned. the customer knows now what else to look for in choosing a wrench and the wrench has learned not to take a job that he is not qualified for.
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