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Question about selling cars on Ebay.

Dear friends:

I've just taken a look at Ebay fees for selling cars on Ebay and it looks like Ebay is very much greedy in getting money from car sellers. For example, it charges $40 Insertion Fee for passenger vehicles AND another $40 Transaction Services Fee (similar to Final Value Fee for other items). That's a total of $80 !!??!!

Many people can only sell old cars on Ebay for $200-$300 and they have to pay Ebay $80 ! That's not reasonable at all!. Ebay should only charge sellers based on a percentage (variable depending on final value ranges) of the final price, not a fixed charge for all cars.

I wonder whether anyone here has tried to sell an old car on Ebay as a "regular item" instead of a vehicle, and that will save sellers lots of money because insertion and final value fees are much less for regular items. Does Ebay allow such a thing? If people do a search based on title or description, they will still be able to find that car (as a regular item).

Please tell us your experience of selling cars on Ebay. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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