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The head weighs no more than 30 pounds or so. If you leave the exhaust manifolds, cam, rockers, etc on the head, then it does indeed weigh alot.

That said, the manifolds, cam, rockers, etc must come off before going to the machine shop anyway. Also, at least for me, these parts are easier to remove from the head with the head in place. The bare aluminum head is as light as a feather.

Thus my question regarding using a hoist to remove the head. Even with all that stuff on the head, I would use Gregs method in spite of the fact that I have a walking beam with a chain hoist running down the middle of my shop with a balancing apparatus hanging on it at the ready at all times. It's just quicker and easier to manhandle a head, any head than it is to mess around with a chain hoist.

BTW good job on your engine work!

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