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Impressions on first service

I just had my 02 C320 in for it's first service. I reported 3 distinct problems/issues to them:

1. Car idled rough (vibrated) at a stop in drive. More so when warm. Been there since day one.

2. Seats and mirrors did not return to proper location at all times.

3. Muffled rap for about 2-3 seconds on warm starts.

The rough idle problem was quickly diagnosed as bad motor mounts. New mounts and it is as smooth as glass..

Seats and mirrors issue required a control module (of some type) however, the easy entry/exit for the seat no longer works. I called them back and they will order another part.

They did not hear the rap at startup. I'll make sure I demonstrate it personally to them next service.

They also overfilled the oil by about 1/3 qt. I pumped it off just to be sure it was not waaayyy overfull.

All in all I'm reasonably pleased. Glad to get the mounts fixed so it rides like an MB !

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