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Well in the end..

we took the 8 Million Dollars and bought chairs for the standing Army!

First let me thank all of the Board for the help and direction to a problem that should never have happened. The older one gets the wiser one gets and I guess that is called experience.

As it turns out, and from all indications, the basis of the problem was lack of adjustment to the timing following Timing chain replacement. This caused the valve problem (may have happened anyway at a later date) but certainly aggravated the situation.

I took the car to a fellow who knows his stuff. I got through an independant BMW guy who I have known for years. He kept the car for several days and diagnosed the problems. The Head and valves turned out to be OK. Is all OK for the future? Who knows , but at least no issues uncovered on the Leak Down Test. Compression was basically uniform across all cylinders.

The idling problems, stemmed from a miriad of parts that were not replaced following the valve job and Head removal. This was combined with insufficient spray coming from two injectors. Ironically the two injectors were at the same cylinders that received the valve replacement. A number of hoses were left off,. Seals for the Manifold were not replaced, Spark Plugs never gapped (two were totally without gap). A series of other mis-connections and vacuum leaks.

What it comes down to is being in a hurry. Going like a house afire to get finished get done and get it out the door. Why me, my opening statement is always, "Look, take your time, I can wait a few days just make sure it is 100% when I get it back" !
Cars need attention, a 560SL is a bit tempermental and you gotta do things right to get it all to gel together.

In summary, this was poor craftmanship (Thanks Gilly). Poor attention to detail and poor follow-up. It is also throwing parts at a problem. This is a much discussed topic on this Board. Diagnostics and problem evaluation saves alot of time, money, and grief. If you find a diagnostician to fix your car, stay with them. In the long run and even the short run it pays off.
What may be going on inside that engine at this very moment is unknown. Will a issue stemming from all this pop up soon? Maybe, this may not be over.

What I have learned is that all of this is a crap shoot. If you find someone good, report it to the Board. It will save alot of hassle. If you find someone badmaybe you just don't recommend them rather than bad mouth them. Lets just say we will talk about the good and hope the bad goes away. A direct question? Thats another issue. But I'll take my negative comments off line to e-mail. Discretion always the better part of valor.

This Board is a helpful mechanism. If nothing else it provides a sounding Board to solve your own problems. It's like a psychiatrist, they don't tell you what to do they help you understand things yourself!

Thanks to all.
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