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Some guy named Francis ( is getting e-mail addresses from this site and soliciting people.

Here is a copy of his email:

"Saw your post at mercedesshop. Thought your might be interested in an MB
EPC system since you have a couple of MBs.

checkout my site at


These solicitations are ridiculous and need to stop! Some one tell this guy to stop it. This isn't fair to the forum participants or the site owners (Bill and Donnie).

1988 Mercedes-Benz 260E (W124)
Arctic White/Grey
Euro Headlights
Clear Turn Signals and 1994/1995 Taillights
16" x 7J 8-hole
Michelin Pilot HX MXM 205/55WR16

1997 Mercedes-Benz E420 (W210)
Pearl Black/Ash
Michelin Pilot XGT Z4 P225/55ZR16

1997 Mercedes-Benz C280 (W202)
Polar White/Parchment
Michelin Pilot SX-GT 205/60VR15
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