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I typed up a message but it never appeared.

As Larry says is it that car your pulls or that your steering wheel isn't straight? IF you let go of the steering wheel on a flat road does the CAR go straight or does it pull right (ignore the existence of the steering wheel for this purpose).

IF the car goes straight and the steering wheel is NOT, then:

(you may/should jack up the front end of the car)

1. Check the steering box for center. There is a 14 mm screw on my early 124 box, yours may differ, to the left of the Pitman arm. There is a "V" cut into the shaft for the purpose of fitting a tapered screw. You may find a suitable replacement if you do not have a tapered screw. With the steering box locked - is your steering wheel level? (If not, then either the shaft or steering wheel is off center. To make the box ON CENTER you WILL need an alignment to adjust the tie rods). LEvel the steering wheel if it is not levelled.

2. Check the steering shaft for center. The turn signals shoudl cancel at the same angle (and the steering lock should engage with the steering wheel level. If it is not, then the shaft is NOT straight and needs to be realigned with the steering box at the coupling.

Its possible that the steering box was removed, and reinstalled with the shaft not straight, and then they moved the steering wheel to compensate.

Now, if the car does NOT go straight on a flat road regardless of steering wheel position, you have other issues (tires, etc).

Brian Toscano
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