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I missed most of this and only skimmed the answers.

I don't see where anyone made an attempt to alter this condition through alignment.

Your basic problem is you have too much tire. Alignment specs are designed to place the car in a orientation while sitting that will be appropriate when loaded. When you change the design characteristics you change the need specifications. i have found that front end to loose huge amounts of toe in under the load of those tires.

The point is that an alignment of your car given your expressed situation would mean evaluating what is there and altering it to achieve the results desired. Up to the limits of adjustment that is what is needed to address your condition. I saw no CASTER readings. There should have been at least one degree less CASTER on the side it is not pulling to (right pull - CASTER low on left to correct). It should of had atleast .5deg of cross CAMBER to deal with the condition.

Why set a car straight if it doesn't drive that way. Among the reasons you compensate are the extraneous elements like TIRES. With those tires you probaly have direction tread. Even if you do take the front tires and move them side to side. Do this for diagnostics and replace them after seeing what changed.

I guarantee you 90 % of all cars I align that are pulling are doing so because of the tires. Many times one can compensate. The more aggressive the tire the more they affect this.

In my book,by what you have shown,you have yet to have an alignment that dealt with the problem.
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